Mastering, mixing, sound design. Based in Rome since 2011


Enisslab studio was founded by Giuseppe Tillieci in 2011 and in it's short history has already become a reference point for mastering and mixdown in the world of electronic music. Besides working with some of the most revered producers and record labels, the studio specialises in Sound Design for brands and movies, as well as installations for museums and art galleries.

Specifications for Mastering:

Send your tracks in the highest resolution available – the minimum is 44100 Hz 24 bit.

Tracks’ volume must be at least – 6db Peak with no compression on the master bus.

DAW mixdown: always 32bit (only Logic is limited to 24bit).

Analog mixdown: 24bit (highest resolution of the A/D converter)The archive folder sent for mastering must contain all info in this order:
Label>Catalogue Number>Artist>Ep Name

The mastering session will be scheduled after the first critical listening, we will forward you the receipt with payment instruction.

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